Reboot Autumn 2020 season


Our online Reboot programme returns with artists from across the disciplines of music, theatre and dance talking about aspects of their practice and answering your questions. This is a chance to connect with a host of brilliant artists, to learn, to reflect and imagine new ways of working.

These events will take place on Zoom, broadcast live from The Rose Lipman Building. All events are free to attend, with the option to make a donation. All donations will go towards paying freelance creatives, artists and educators to work with us.

The programme features:

Improvisation and Jazz with Peter Edwards and Suzy Willson. Wednesday 18 November.
Creative Communications with Tomorrow PR. Tuesday 24 November.
Fundraising for Independent Artists with Miriam Sherwood & Julia Wilson. Thursday 26 November.
Lea Anderson in conversation. Monday 30 November.
Artists Practicing Well with Carly Annable-Coop and Angelika Grohmann. Wednesday 2 December.
Mixed Feelings with Sheila Ghelani. Thursday 3 December.
Confronting Racism in Dance Education with Valerie Ebuwa and dancers from CLOD ENSEMBLE. Monday 7 December.

Improvisation and Jazz : a movement workshop for dancers
with Peter Edwards and Suzy Willson
Wednesday 18 November, 7pm – 8:15pm
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This workshop is an investigation into how musicians and dancers can learn from each other in improvising. For dancers who want to develop their improvisation skills.

Led by Suzy Willson, Artistic Director of CLOD ENSEMBLE, and Peter Edwards, Music Director of Nu Civilisation Orchestra.

With this workshop, we are aiming to emulate the experience of an in-person workshop. This means that you will be asked to actively participate, which would ideally include switching on your camera. There will be some activities which you will be invited to take part in.

Tickets are free, but the capacity is limited. If you can no longer attend, please cancel your ticket through Eventbrite to allow others to attend in your place.

Improvisation and Jazz is part of a programme of events inspired by Charles Mingus’ 1963 masterpiece The Black Saint & The Sinner Lady, created in collaboration with Nu Civilisation Orchestra.

Creative Communications
with Tomorrow PR and CLOD ENSEMBLE
Tuesday 24 November, 5:30pm – 6:45pm
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If you need help with how to get your work out there, this conversation between Communications and PR specialists from Tomorrow PR and CLOD ENSEMBLE explores how artists can speak about what they do authentically and develop an audience for it.

Suitable for artists with little or no experience of communications or PR.

Fundraising for Independent Artists
with Miriam Sherwood & Julia Wilson
Thursday 26 November, 5:30pm – 6:45pm
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Developing skills in fundraising is a necessity for many independent artists. This workshop aims to demystify the grant writing process, help you identify and engage new funders, and support you in creating a cohesive, achievable fundraising plan. This session is a chance to draw on the expertise of CLOD ENSEMBLE’s Development Managers, Miriam Sherwood and Julia Wilson. They will share principles and strategies relevant to a broad range of artistic practises, drawing on years of experience in an ever-changing industry.

Suitable for artists with little or no experience of fundraising.

Julia Wilson is Development Manager for Performing Medicine, CLOD ENSEMBLE’s creative training programme for healthcare professionals. She previously worked as Head of Development and Operations for the charity Sense about Science. She has an MSc in Charity Marketing and Fundraising from Cass Business School, and provides freelance development consultancy for a variety of small charities.

Miriam Sherwood is a fundraiser, producer and theatre-maker and Development Manager at CLOD ENSEMBLE alongside Julia. As an arts fundraiser her experience is chiefly in securing funding from Trusts, Foundations and Statutory sources. She has fundraised for larger organisations like Battersea Arts Centre (as Development Manager from 2016-2018), smaller arts charities and artist-led companies like Fairbeats Music and Honeyscribe, and for her own live performance projects as an independent artist.

Lea Anderson in conversation
Monday 30 November, 5:30pm – 6:45pm
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Celebrated choreographer and film maker Lea Anderson is internationally renowned for her iconic style which works across disciplines and media. In this session for practicing artists, Lea will be in conversation with Suzy Willson discussing her work for stage and film and sharing insights into how to transform constraints into opportunities for creativity.

Artists Practicing Well
with Carly Annable-Coop and Angelika Grohmann
Wednesday 2 December, 2:30pm – 3:45pm
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The Artists Practicing Well workshop we will explore ways to take care of ourselves and our colleagues throughout any creative process. We will also focus on some self care techniques which can help to calm down and nourish the nervous system – so we can be readier for the next challenge that life brings.

With this workshop, you will be asked to actively participate and to switch your camera on.

Tickets are free, but the capacity is limited. If you can no longer attend, please cancel your ticket through Eventbrite to allow others to attend in your place.

Mixed Feelings
with Sheila Ghelani
Thursday 3 December, 5:30pm – 6:45pm
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Join artist Sheila Ghelani for a workshop exploring being mixed – mixed identity, mixed discipline, mixed up. At a time when making any of art kind can feel more complex than ever before, Shelia will share some of the rationale, strategies and approaches to making her own work.

Sheila is an artist of Indian/English mixed heritage, whose solo and collaborative performances, social art works, installations, texts and videos seek to illuminate and make visible the connections between race, ecology, science, history and the present day. Since 1995 her attentive, detailed and care ‘full’ practice has been cross-pollinating ideas, materials, people and places in order to un-settle dominant narratives and make space for those that are (or that which is) in-between, on the edge, in the middle, at the border.

Confronting Racism in Dance Training
with Valerie Ebuwa and dancers from CLOD ENSEMBLE.
Monday 7 December, 7pm – 8:15pm
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In this session Valerie and colleagues at CLOD ENSEMBLE will reflect on their experiences at dance school – identifying ways that institutions can ensure that black students are respected and cared for and that the courses they offer are inclusive, equitable, respectful and accessible.

Valerie Ebuwa is a freelance dance artist, activist, writer and model based in London. She started her training at Lewisham College before obtaining a BA HONS degree from London Contemporary Dance School. Amongst others she’s recently worked with; Vincent Dance Theatre, CLOD ENSEMBLE, Eddie Peake, Protein Dance, Holly Blakey, MichaelDouglas Kollektiv and Compagnie Thor. As a maker, she has choreographed and created Body Data, CTRL+V, ValUE and Down Bad/ How do you wanna go out?. She’s currently fundraising for #letsmakeshithappen, a project enabling inclusivity in the arts by funding 4 minority artists in order to give them complete autonomy to create the project of their desire, without any expectation of a specific outcome. As well as her blog and casual work for The Stage Magazine, Valerie writes for I am Hip Hop magazine; a printed and online publication championing Hip Hop culture. Her work has been featured in Crack Magazine and i-D.