Introduction to Tour Management With Laura Nagtegaal

Laura Nagtegaal
09.MARCH.2022 • 5pm - 6.30pm

This workshop is for people who identify as women, trans and non-binary.

This session will introduce the core skills required to plan and manage a tour, including how the role of a tour manager changes in size and responsibility based on the tour’s scale. We’ll look at what a standard issue touring day would or could look like, and what pillars (a mix of know-how, and must-know) tour management heavily leans on.

This workshop will take place online on zoom.

LAURA NAGTEGAAL began touring the world as a guitar technician, tour manager, and merchandiser around 25 years ago. With her sunny and infectious demeanor, she spreads her own newfound joy and youthful life force around.

In 2016, she finally learnt to accept herself for who she truly is, and shared with the world that the doctors made a grave mistake when they assigned her the misnomer “boy” at birth. 2016/17 was a “tear it all down and rebuild from the ground up” period; necessary and inevitable to rise from her own ashes like a Phoenix.

In her spare time she’s very active as a volunteer in both counselling gender-questioning folx, and a Board of Directors member for a global sports association.

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This event is part of Reboot: Behind the scene, screen and lens, a season of artist development programmed in collaboration with Petok Productions, open to people who identify as women, trans and non-binary who are interested in developing a career in backstage roles.

Image credit @gittapolak