Considering how dance can be more considerate

07.JULY.2022 • 2pm - 5pm

Reboot: Considering how dance can be more considerate with Thick & Tight with Corali Dance
Clod Ensemble Studios, Design District, Greenwich Peninsula, London

An artist development workshop with Thick and Tight and Corali Dance Company.

In this live workshop, Daniel Hay-Gordon and Eleanor Perry from Thick & Tight will firstly discuss their recent experience of creating work inspired by Japanese Noh and Kyogen theatre, commissioned by the Noh Reimagined Festival. They will share thoughts around sensitive cultural exchange, interrogating and reimagining techniques and traditions, and trying to create a non-disciplinary discipline. This will be followed by a short practical creative exercise for everyone to do.

Daniel and Eleanor will then be joined by DJ Hassan and Sarah Archdeacon from Corali Dance Company to talk about how this connects with current collaborations between the two companies. Thick & Tight and Corali have been working together to develop and promote a more integrated and anti-elitist dance practice, including through their project Excellent Together. This half of the workshop will include some movement and creation exercises.

There will be a short Q&A at the end.

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Thick & Tight will be performing at Noh Reimagined: Night Moves on 25 June.


Bursary Spaces

Clod Ensemble’s Reboot programme supports artists by providing a high-quality programme of professional development. We recognise that even subsidised costs can be a barrier to participate. If you would like to book a free place on the course, please get in touch with us directly on so that we can arrange this for you.


Image credit Rosie Powell