Chapeau de Passion with Sarah Cameron

12.MAY.2021 • 5.30 PM - 7 PM

In this workshop, we’ll each choose a passion to study: Fear, Rage, Love, Jealousy, Joy, Lust, Greed, Hate, Desire, Vanity, Hope, Regret, Melancholy, Despair (etc). We’ll engage with its energy, colour and form, its dynamic and where we feel its force in the body. We’ll write it. Draw it. Move it. And make a hat of it – Le Chapeau de Passion.

Tools to bring: coloured pens/paint/conte, paper, glue (glue-gun if you have one) other joining materials like string, paper clips, Sellotape/masking/parcel tape and any bits you have knocking around. For example plastic (plastic bags, packaging, containers), string, wooden skewers, polystyrene, cardboard. Give yourself a good bundle of stuff to work with.

Led by Sarah Cameron. Suitable for everyone, including people who may not consider themselves dancers.

SARAH CAMERON is a writer, performer and an artist. She trained at Chelsea School of Art and L’Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris. She’s worked with (amongst others) Tim Supple, Melly Still, the RSC, David Glass, Olivia Fuches, Jude Kelly, Lucy Baily at the ICA and Tim Crouch in The Oak Tree at the National Theatre; she’s created performance installations for The House of Fairytales, Supernova, Watch This Space (Architecture Foundation) & The Young Vic. Sarah has worked with Clod Ensemble for over 20 years; The Red Chair performed & written by Sarah, is published by Bloomsbury Publishing. Sarah is training to be a yoga teacher.

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This artist development workshop is part of our Reboot Spring 2021 season, Bodies of Knowledge.

The programme celebrates the range of experience, expertise and unique perspective of the performers that work with Clod Ensemble. They are extraordinary artists with bodies of knowledge that extend well beyond the work of one company or choreographer. Browse the programme.

Part of Clod Ensemble’s artist development programme, Reboot, which connects and cross-pollinates creatives across disciplines – from the worlds of music, theatre, visual art, architecture and healthcare.