Improvisation for One with Scott Jennings

19.MAY.2021 • 5.30 PM - 7 PM

Reboot: Improvisation for One with Scott Jennings

This session will be structured and guided through tasks, images, questions, and reflections. After warming up, we will explore and expand the way we think about the moving body and the space around us. Drawing on what inspires each of us, we will use this as a stepping stone to unlocking new ways of approaching movement. To finish up, we will each create a short solo choreography based on our findings and experiences. This is an open-level workshop. All welcome.

Image Café Müller – Pina Bausch. Copyright Bo Lahola


SCOTT JENNINGS studied dance at BRIT School and London Contemporary Dance School. From 2012 – 2018 he was a member of Pina Bausch’s Tanztheater Wuppertal and has worked with artists and choreographers including Lloyd Newson, Matthew Bourne, Maxine Doyle, Alexandra Waierstall and Suzy Willson (Clod Ensemble). Alongside performing, Scott regularly teaches classes and workshops and enjoys drawing and painting.

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This artist development workshop is part of our Reboot Spring 2021 season, Bodies of Knowledge.

The programme celebrates the range of experience, expertise and unique perspective of the performers that work with Clod Ensemble. They are extraordinary artists with bodies of knowledge that extend well beyond the work of one company or choreographer. Browse the programme.

Part of Clod Ensemble’s artist development programme, Reboot, which connects and cross-pollinates creatives across disciplines – from the worlds of music, theatre, visual art, architecture and healthcare.