Drafting Dance and Choreography with Roberta Jean

13.SEPTEMBER.2022 • 14:00 - 17:00

Reboot: Drafting Dance and Choreography with Roberta Jean
Clod Ensemble Studios, Design District, Greenwich Peninsula, London

Artists Sharing their Practice

This workshop will be an opportunity to explore the choreographic practice of Roberta Jean as she develops ideas for a new creation. Suitable for dance and movement artists.

Roberta collaborates with artists and makers from across disciplines to produce dances for a diverse range of contexts. Her choreographic practice is centred around poetics and is often underpinned by anthropological research. She is the 2020 winner of the Bonnie Bird Choreographic Development Award, a 2019 finalist at Aesthetica Short Film Festival, New Renaissance Film Festival and a 2018 finalist for the Total Theatre & The Place Dance Award.

‘My creative process requires me to generate a level of trust between the people I collaborate with and myself. I try to facilitate safe and comfortable creative spaces where the dance artists I work with feel relaxed enough to reach states of vulnerability, to move through thresholds, to let go of performing and focus more on exploring and investigating movement in the early stages of developing new work. I’m also interested in how cognitive processes inform movement, and performance, and bringing greater awareness to the psychology of practice.’ Roberta Jean

Roberta’s current interdisciplinary work in development explores mental health care and illness from a historical and future perspective.

This workshop is part of Reboot, Clod Ensemble’s artist development programme. Sign up to our mailing list to find out about future opportunities.

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Image – Ways of being – Emli Bendixen