Inner Space | Outer Space with Yen-Ching Lin

25.MAY.2021 • 5.30 PM - 7 PM

Reboot: Inner Space | Outer Space with Yen-Ching Lin

This workshop begins with a shaking and dancing meditation, encouraging any blocks in your body and being to melt away, bringing a liquid flow into different parts of body and mind.

Through improvisation we will focus on different sensations and qualities – deepening awareness, exploring inner and outer space and echoing the dynamics of nature and animals, to connect body and emotions in each moment.

Led by Yen-Ching Lin. Suitable for everyone, including people who may not consider themselves dancers.

Image – Still from Clod Ensemble: Feast During the Plague [REDUX 2020/2021]


YEN-CHING LIN is a performer, artist. dancer and teacher working in movement, photography and video. Born in Taiwan, she studied at the Taipei National University of the Arts and at London Contemporary Dance School. She danced for Hofesh Schecther Company and Bern Ballet, before joining Akram Khan company as dancer and rehearsal director. She has also worked with Maresa von Stockert, Charles Linehan, Jonathan Lunn, Jan de Schynkel, and Didy Veldman, Theo Adams, and Liv Lorent.

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This artist development workshop is part of our Reboot Spring 2021 season, Bodies of Knowledge.

The programme celebrates the range of experience, expertise and unique perspective of the performers that work with Clod Ensemble. They are extraordinary artists with bodies of knowledge that extend well beyond the work of one company or choreographer. Browse the programme.

Part of Clod Ensemble’s artist development programme, Reboot, which connects and cross-pollinates creatives across disciplines – from the worlds of music, theatre, visual art, architecture and healthcare.