Sound, Wellbeing and Environments

24.OCTOBER.2018 • 18:15 - 19:45

Image: Cochlea of the inner ear

Harris Museum Art Gallery & Library
Market Square
Preston PR1 2PP

Sound affects us all. Music alters moods, and the evocative and memorable sounds within healthcare environments can impact on people’s experiences in them, and even their wellbeing.

Our agency over what sounds we hear, or choose to hear, can be important, and what might be ‘relaxing’ for one person may be stressful for another.

Lend us your ears in this practical workshop to decipher the psychological and physiological responses we have in healing environments. Led by Andrew Hall, Sound Consultant at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, participants will experience a variety of practical exercises as well as delving into the innovative local history of sound design at the Whittingham hospital, through drawing on the Whittingham Lives exhibition.

Part of The Power of Placebo – a national programme of events to accompany our new performance, Placebo.