Embodying Space: can architecture create a placebo effect?

22.OCTOBER.2018 • 18:30 - 20:00

Royal Academy of Arts
The Benjamin West Lecture Theatre
6 Burlington Gardens
London W1S 3ET

Tickets: £15/£9
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In collaboration with the RA, this event explores how our physical relationship to the spaces we inhabit affects our health and experiences of care.

Interspersed with talks by architects and healthcare professionals, Artistic Director Suzy Willson will share insights and exercises that explore the relationships between healthcare, performance and space.

Recent research shows how the colour of a pill can affect the efficiency of a drug, or how someone’s health might be improved after ‘fake’ surgery, but what impact do the spaces in which we receive or engage with care have on our health and wellbeing?

Drawing on Willson’s work as part of the Performing Medicine programme which encourages people working in healthcare to appreciate the choreographic, non-verbal and spatial dimensions of care, the event will discuss whether spatial qualities can have a placebo effect.

Part of The Power of Placebo – a national programme of events to accompany our new performance, Placebo.

This event is part of the Royal Academy’s Architecture Programme which explores the intersection between architecture and the visual arts through talks, performances, exhibitions and events.


Image: Abraham Bosse, 17th Century