Sound Affects: Sound & Wellbeing – Brighton

19.SEPTEMBER.2018 • 19:00

Image: Cochlea of the inner ear

The Rose Hill Tavern
Rose Hill Terrace
Brighton, BN1 4JL

Sound affects us all. Music alters moods, intonation changes inclination, but why? Drawing on the latest research and technological advancements in psychoacoustics, This workshop will explore the relationship between sound, acoustics and wellbeing. Lend us your ears and decipher the psychological and physiological responses we have to everything from music to noise pollution.

Part of The Power of Placebo – a national programme of events to accompany our new performance, Placebo.

Led by John Drever:
Operating at the intersection of acoustics, sound art and soundscape studies, Drever’s practice represents an ongoing inquiry into the affect, perception, design and practice of everyday environmental sound. Drever is Professor of Acoustic Ecology and Sound Art at Goldsmiths, University of London, where he leads the Unit for Sound Practice Research. He is an Academician of The Academy of Urbanism and a Member of the Institute of Acoustics. In the summer of 2017 he was a Guest Professor in The Department of Digital Design and Information Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark.