The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady (Film)

Experience a new perspective on Mingus’ big band masterpiece The Black Saint & The Sinner Lady. In this kaleidoscopic film world-class dancers move to the wildly sensual, rhythmically explosive classic album, celebrating its beautiful melodies, complex structure and huge emotional range.

In 2020, Clod Ensemble and Nu Civilisation Orchestra were about to present a live dance celebration of ‘Black Saint’… plans changed. Instead, we kept ourselves sane by listening and moving to the music throughout lockdown – culminating in this unique and life affirming film set to the original recording performed by Charles Mingus and his band.

Watch this teaser trailer:

The making of this film was orginally supported by by Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, and by Hackney Council’s Shoreditch and Hoxton Arts Fund, created from a levy on developers to support arts and culture programmes that bring different communities together.


Images – Still from The Black Saint & The Sinner Lady. Performers Maëva Berthelot, Stephanie Antoine & Harry Alexander

Lead image – photography by Manuel Vason, design by Myriam Waldbillig. Performers: Peter Edwards and Monique Etienne.


The Listening Party was created by Clod Ensemble & Nu Civilisation Orchestra

In association with Shoreditch Town Hall and EFG London Jazz Festival Film

Production by

Suzy Willson – Director

Peter Edwards & Paul Clark – Music Directors

Nick Hillel – Director of Filming & Editor

Marianthi Hatzikidi – Stylist

Roxanne Peak-Payne – Producer

Movement created and performed by: Harry Alexander, Makiko Aoyama, Jonathon Baker, Maëva Berthelot, Gaby Conn, Julie Cunningham, Ihsaan de Banya, Tylor Deyn, Monique Etienne, Valerie Ebuwa, Yen-Ching Lin, Eleanor Perry, Rachele Rapisardi, Ellen Yilma

With local Hackney residents: Stephanie Antoine from Tropical Isles, Armani ,Antoine-Daye, Janette Collins, Nahla Hamilton, Porah Henry, Tariq Lee, Lisa Ogun, Milan Morgan, Shanelle Nwanaebi, Ariah Pursey-Reid and Porridge the dog …

and online contributions from: Zoë Bywater, Sarah Cameron, Tiffany Desplanques, Scott Jennings, Chihiro Kawasaki, Ramona Nagabczyńska-de Barbaro, Ino Riga

Featuring designs from the collections of: Simone Rocha, Art School, Eudon Choi, and Slim Barrett

Filmed at Shoreditch Town Hall and the Rose Lipman Building, Hackney

Hosted by: Suzy Willson & Paul Clark, Artistic Directors for Clod Ensemble; Peter Edwards, Music Director for Nu Civilisation Orchestra; Gary Crosby, Artistic Director for Nu Civilisation Orchestra & Tomorrow’s Warriors; Lisa Ogun, Local Engagement Representative

Production team:

Eric Trometer – Camera Operator and Lighting

Benjamin Leggett – Camera Assistant

Adam Smith – After Effects

Duncan Birch – Post Production Assistant

Martin Collins – Broadcast Unit Manager

Andy Downie – Production Manager

Kit Denison – Assistant Producer

Tanya Stephenson – Stage Manager

Pembe Tokluhan – Production and Technical Associate

Beth Bilcliffe – Wardrobe Supervisor

Developed and supported by the brilliant teams at Clod Ensemble and Tomorrow’s Warriors.