Lady Grey

A group of people stand on a knife edge. Political intriguers, hysterical sympathisers and an ambivalent executioner find themselves witness to the last minutes before the execution of an innocent woman. A man above walks across them on a tightrope playing the violin.

Lady Grey was inspired by Paul Delaroche’s painting that hangs in London’s National Gallery The Execution of Lady Jane Grey.

Lady Grey is set to a score for string quartet. It is twenty minutes long.


“It is through this theatrical vision, which stands apart from its painted inspiration, that we see how easily we are blinded by words” The Times


Directed by Suzy Willson
Music By Paul Clark
Design by Sarah Blenkinsop
Lighting by Aideen Malone
Produced by Geraldine Collinge


Sarah Cameron, Kwabana Lindsay, Joy Elias Rilwan, Osnat Schmol, Ed Woodall.

Supported by

This piece was commissioned by the South Bank Centre for the Purcell Room and was supported by London Arts Board, the ENO Studio and the National Theatre Studio.
Performed in the Purcell Room 1999.