From Object to Specimen

21.OCTOBER.2017 • 11:00 - 14:00

Part of the Under Glass season in Salford.
Presented in association with Manchester Science Festival 2017.

The Portico Library
57 Mosley Street
Manchester, M2 3HY

Tickets: £6/£4
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In the 19th century, doctors began using instruments which could measure, represent and capture bodily functions such as the pulse and breath. As well as letting “nature speak for itself”, these instruments were also shaping the relationships between physicians and their patients.

In this practical workshop, led by artist Sheila Ghelani in partnership with a medical historian, participants will explore the unusual collection of the Museum of Medicine and Health, one of the most extensive collections of medical artefacts in England. By looking at the appearance, materials and functions of these objects participants will investigate how they have contributed to our understandings of health, the body and the practice of medicine. The workshop will be hosted in the Portico Library which houses a fascinating collection from the 19th century.

Speakers include:
Dr Carsten Timmermann – Academic Lead for the Museum of Medicine and Health, University of Manchester.


Book tickets to the 3pm performance of Under Glass at The Lowry after this workshop.