Red Ladies

Red Ladies responds to the geographical location in which it takes place – the architecture, history and the people.

Unfolding in two stages; a series of interventions in public spaces followed by a ‘theatrical demonstration’ within a theatre.

The Red Ladies are a group of identically dressed women who transform, celebrate and disrupt the environment around them. Appearing on rooftops, doorways, in places of cultural interest, they commandeer their own limousines, their own brass band and sometimes even a helicopter. Their enigmatic presence en masse compels the public to look anew at the familiar streets and landmarks of their city.

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“Brilliantly powerful; at once angry, funny, defiant and euphoric. The Red Ladies are a gorgeous enigma”
The Guardian

“Choreographed with military precision and pulled off with admirable panache”

“Clod Ensemble’s witty new work, Red Ladies, is not plot driven so much as post modern mosaic… a reference strewn meditation on the crowd or dramatic chorus”
Time Out


Directed by Suzy Willson
Music by Paul Clark
Designed by Sarah Blenkinsop
Lighting by Hansjorg Schmidt
Film edited by Helen Marshall
Words by Peter Oswald

Produced by Fuel in association with the Onassis Programme.

The Red Ladies are:

Red Ladies Spring 2008
Nadia Albina, Emma Bonnici, Zoe Bywater, Irene Hardy, Kazuko Hohki, Lucy Joy, Sachi Kimura, Daniella Marshall, Greta Mendez,Silvia Mercuriali, Victoria Moseley, Eve Pearce, Ramona Nagabczynski, Sabina Netherclift, Leisa Rea, Heidi Rustgaard, Calina de la Mare, Karen Hutt

Red Ladies Spring 2006
Sarah Belcher, Sachi Kimura, Catrin Osbourne, Moss Beynon Juckes, Syreeta Kumar, Simone Saunders, Christine Collins, Silvia Mercuriali, Leisa Rea, Kazuko Hohki, Victoria Moseley, Hannah Ringham, Tamera Howard, Emily Mytton, Mel Wilson, Karen Hutt, Gaynor James, Janina Kopinska, Nicole Lyons, Calina de la Mare, Natalie Rozario, Kathryn Symon

Red Ladies Trafalgar 2005
Zoe Bywater, Sarah Cameron, Ann-Marie Cavanagh, Sarah Corbett, Victoria Daniels, Efi Dementi, Vanessa Earl, Jane Guernier, Li Leng, Steffi Mueller, Sabina Netherclift, Adura Onashile, Cindy Oswin, Ruth Ross, Kate Goldsmith, Selina Leleu, Fiona Mclean, Bethan Ecclestone, Ruth Woodhams, Jennifer Parkinson, Audrey Albert

Red Ladies Paparazzi
Manuel Vason, Helen Marshall, Peter Arnold, Carlotto Destro, Calina de la Mare, Natalie Jones, Tanya Leal, Andrew Ormerod, Tim Payne, Neil Scotten, Karim Secker, Emma Stenning, Adam Weymouth, Katherine Williams, Jessica Jordan Wrench

Supported by

The Arts Council, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, The Hackney Empire, Fierce Festival, Warwick Arts Centre, Awards for All, the Hinrichesen Foundation and the PRS foundation. Developed at the National Theatre Studio

Performed at

September 2015
Missions in Hastings in association with Coastal Currents Arts Festival.

July 2014
Missions in Margate in association with Turner Contemporary. Theatrical Demonstrations at Margate Theatre Royal

July 2014
Missions in Malvern. Theatrical Demonstrations at Malvern Theatres

July 2014
Missions in Trafalgar Square. Theatrical Demonstrations at the Southbank Centre

2008 Operation Saudades
Missions in Porto and at the Serralves Museum, Portugal

2008 Operation Goldfinch
Missions on the Mall. Theatrical Demonstration at the Institute of Contemporary Arts

2008 Operation Isis
Missions in Oxford. Theatrical Demonstration at the Old Fire Station

2007 Operation Unicorn
LCACE Conference London

2006 Operation Jungle Gardinia
PSI Conference: Performing Rights at Queen Mary, University of London

2006 Operation Riverrat: Westminster
With headquarters at the Bullion Room, Hackney Empire

2006 Operation Godiva
Missions in Coventry with headquarters at Warwick Arts Centre

2005 Operation Dragonfly
Trafalgar Square: British Architecture Week

Red Ladies started its life in 2005 at The National Theatre Studio.