This is My Room – FAQ

We recognise that there may be some anxiety around attending live events in the context of the pandemic, and that further pre-show information will be useful and relevant to people for reasons of accessibility. We’ve prepared this FAQ which answers some questions about what to expect from the performance. For those who wish to keep the experience a surprise, the essential information will be emailed to you upon booking a ticket.



  • Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

    Yes. The main entrance to the building has 4 steps leading to automatic double doors with step free access via a ramp . Following this route, the performance space is up two flights of stairs but there is step free access via a lift. When you arrive you’ll be directed to the lift by a member of staff.

  • Will I be seated?

    There is unreserved seating. The seats will be individually spaced, 1m apart. You will remain seated for the entirety of the performance.

  • I have an access requirement and need to sit in a specific place, how can I let you know?

    If for any access reason you need to sit in a certain place ie a single seat or near an exit – please either get in touch with us on after you have booked your ticket and we will endeavour to facilitate your request.


  • Will be performance be socially distanced?

    The performance will be socially distanced with individually spaced seats placed 1m apart.

  • Do I need to wear a face covering?

    We strongly encourage everyone to wear a face covering unless you are medically exempt – aside from when you are drinking – the FOH staff will be wearing face coverings too. This helps to keep everyone safe.

  • When should I arrive?

    There are two performances each day at 6.45pm and 8.30pm. There is a limited capacity of 40 people per performance.

    For the 6.45pm performance we will be opening the house at 6.30pm, we ask you to arrive no earlier than 6.15pm to limit the amount of people in the communal spaces of the building.

    For the 8.30pm performance we will be opening the house at 8.15pm, we ask you to arrive no earlier that 8.00pm to limit the amount of people in the communal spaces of the building.

  • Will I get a refund if the show if it is cancelled?

    In the event of the show being cancelled or postponed for any reason, you will be entitled to a refund and we will be in touch to arrange it with you.

  • What if I can no longer make the performance?

    If yourself or a member of your household has to isolate due to COVID-19, then your tickets can be refunded up to 2 hours before the performance. Please contact us on at least 2 hours prior to your performance to arrange a refund.

    If you can no longer make the performance due to other reasons then we’re happy to exchange tickets to an alternative date, if there are tickets available, but we are unable to give a refund. We have to charge a £2 administration fee (per transaction) for this, and we can only exchange tickets if they are returned to us at least 48 hours before the performance.


  • What is it? What will I experience?

    This is My Room is a performance featuring 6 musicians playing violin, viola, cello, piano and electronics. The performance format has elements of a concert set-up, however we describe it as part-gig, part-installation because we are watching six musicians play live, but are encouraged to appreciate the theatricality of them as performers. We watch and listen to the action that takes place in the middle of the room and audience are seated around the outside.

    The score moves through lots of different musical worlds and using both acoustic and electronic sound. The music has an immersive feel and is at times loud. Although there are no sudden bangs or explosions, the sonic experience of the piece can be intense at times.

    There are different lighting states throughout the piece. Sometimes the performers will be spotlighted and other times the lighting stays on for a period of time. There is no strobe lighting and no prolonged black outs.

    Clod Ensemble’s work is designed to be open to interpretation and often audience members read very different things into the work.

    In making the piece we were exploring ideas of solitude, congregation, public and private space, and to what extent the inner life of the musician might actually be familiar to us all.

    Please get in contact with us on if you have any further questions about the show.