Botanical Studies – Part of the V&A Friday Late: Dance is Fashion

24.NOVEMBER.2023 • 18.30 - 22.00

Clod Ensemble will present a fifteen-minute performance as part of the V&A Friday Late: Dance is Fashion event on 24th November.

These short studies, which mark the beginning of a new body of work for Clod Ensemble, are inspired by the iconic photographs of Karl Blossfeldt (1865-1932). Blossfeldt’s images of plants exude a strange beauty, taking on an almost musical quality through magnification and repetition. 

In Clod Ensemble’s micro-choreographies, dancers embody the compelling form, rhythm, texture and character of individual plants and flowers.

Direction by Suzy Willson with original music by Paul Clark. Featuring dancers Fukiko Takase and Faye Stoeser as well as violinist Fra Rustumji. Costumes by Issey Miyake.

Learn more about the event here