On The High Road

A festival edit of On The High Road is appearing at Latitude Festival, 14-16 July 2017.

A disparate group of people are caught in a storm on the High Road, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Whether rich or poor, old or young, pilgrim or party-goer, they must all seek refuge under the same roof. As the night draws in, they dream, pray, dance and fight – all the time testing the limits of what little space they have – waiting for the dawn to come.

With its stark monochrome design, vital movement and urgent soundscore, On The High Road revels in Weimar-esque ambiguity and raciness, conjuring a feverish end-of-epoch atmosphere. Wholly original, edgy and enthralling visual theatre.


Directed by Suzy Willson
Music by Paul Clark
Design by Sarah Blenkinsop
Lighting by Hansjörg Schmidt

Photos by Hugo Glendinning